Reading the fine print


Loose Parts has always been committed to healthy materials but we are happy to report we are now certified by the International Living Future Institute as a Declare Product. This label shows every single ingredient that goes into the making of our furniture, right down to the chemical makeup of the finishes we use. There are no hidden ingredients, from the wood finish, to the panels, even the fasteners we use. By reading the label you know exactly what’s in our furniture and what’s not - hint - it’s toxic chemicals.

As a company committed to the responsible use of forest resources, like trees, we’ve worked hard to make sure the wood we use is ethically harvested. Loose Parts received a high score from the National Wildlife Federation & Sustainable Furnishings Council!🌲🌲

This means that when you purchase Loose Parts furniture, you can be sure the wood comes from responsibly managed forests. Read more about our wood sourcing policy here.