Flexible Furniture

We design furniture with flexibility in mind. Our products are component- based and sold either as modular self-assembly kits or as individual furniture pieces.

Creative agency is in your hands, to change and build again, to assemble, de- and re-assemble in as many iterations as you can think of.


We naturally look to our environment and see possibilities. Whether it’s using a chair as a side table or the couch as a bed to offer a friend in town.

This “Yes, and” attitude is what inspired us to design a collection made for a dynamic interior. In other words, yes, your Loose Parts can be a table and it can be a shelf.

A fundamental of sustainability is modularity

Made in Los Angeles, we source American hardwoods over composites and use stainless steel fasteners in lieu of adhesives to ensure a long lifespan throughout the many iterations our furniture takes. Additionally, we offer our customers a repair service to resurface, refinish and repaint any scratches or dings collected along the way. By reimagining furniture as a system rather than a stand alone object we can reduce waste and minimize our impact on the environment.


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Our Story

Loose Parts supposes an interior isn’t static. It’s a moving set of objects that reconfigure to accommodate a dynamic interior. We work in our bed, sleep on our couch and lounge on the floor. It’s time to rethink what furniture could be.

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