New Starts, The Dwell 24, and Circular Design

As summer transitions to fall, Loose Parts is also turning over a new leaf. 🍂 🍁 🌻

After driving across the country in August I’m working hard at building out the new Loose Parts HQ in Catskill, NY.

Located right on Main Street, the storefront studio will have a woodshop in the back and small showroom up front. Featuring a rotating selection of furniture, I’ll regularly be reassembling things to show off the system’s versatility.

Renovations are still underway but I should be in the space in a couple of weeks. Open sporadically or by appointment I invite you to come by and say hello!

Also, big news! 📣 I was featured in the September/ October issue of Dwell as part of The Dwell 24. I am so very proud to be included as one of the “most exciting emerging designer from around the world”, to quote them. If you haven’t picked up a copy yet you can read the article here

I'm sneaking in another press announcement but it's such an amazing resource I have to share. Loose Parts is included in the new Circular Design Glossary: Furniture and Furnishings e-book. A resource of terms and jargon meant to demystify the language around buying sustainable furniture. Download your copy here.