Ciao amici!

We’re packing our bags and heading to Italy for Alcova, June 5-12.

Alcova is a platform for independent design that operates as an itinerant network of exhibition spaces across multiple sites in and around Milan. It activates forgotten locations of historical significance, temporarily recasting them as venues for exhibitions, installations and performances.

If you are in town please be sure to visit us in Room C24 at Casa delle Suore, Via Simone Saint Bon 1, 20147, Milan from 11 am - 7 pm. This is our Italian debut and we couldn’t be more excited to show what we’ve been working on these past months!

At Alcova, we will be presenting SOR which is inspired by the history of the building, Casa delle Suore, a former nunnery servicing a nearby military hospital. Taking its name from the Spanish word for religious sister, sor, we contemplate the personal life of a nun and ask the question, how might they come to use their room as a place of contemplation, rejuvenation, and personal expression?

Each day we will be changing our room, so be sure to check out our Instagram page for inspiration on how you can adapt your Loose Parts to create new pieces.