Lean-To Lounge
Lean-To Lounge
Lean-To Lounge
Lean-To Lounge

Lean-To Lounge

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Inspired by lean-to sheds this seating makes for a striking profile in any room.

What's a lean-to shed you ask? Well, traditionally, it's a structure that “leans” up against another structure, like a building or wall, for support.

This idea feels appropriate because for this lounge chair we are using a new building technique not seen before in any of our other assemblies. Whereas traditionally we overlap wood rails to create stability, with the Lean-To we use solid planks of wood that span between the rails to create that same structure.

Just another example of how flexible this system is and the many possibilities of design with just a few simple parts!

Assembled Dimensions & Details

21" x 25" x 32"

Please allow 4-6 weeks for fabrication.  


Our material choices are made with the goal of longevity and reuse in mind; better materials mean a longer life both of the product and natural resources of the environment.

Rails: Sustainably harvested Californian ash with a plant-based oil finish.

Panels: Sustainably harvested solid walnut.

Hardware: Steel metal fasteners.


Rails and panels can be wiped cleaned. 

Avoid placing furniture in direct sunlight, excessive heat or humidity for sustained periods of time. Wood may discolor.