Lorenza Daybed

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What is a daybed anyways? Is it a couch, is it a bed…who knows? It’s furniture that is fluid in identity and eschews labels.

Assembled with maple or oak wood it’s a solid support for the soft and squishy cushion made from natural latex, horsehair and organic cotton.

Even if the label is ambiguous, know that when the Lorenza Daybed arrives at your door, arms out stretched, ready to be assembled, they are ready to support you in all your sedentary, and perhaps not so sedentary, activities.

Assembled dimensions & details

72” x 30” x 17”

9” Clearance underneath

Maple wood comes with white hardware and white panels. Black Oak comes with black hardware and mauve panels. If you would like to mix and match include a message at checkout.


Our material choices are made with the goal of longevity and reuse in mind; better materials mean a longer life both of the product and natural resources of the environment.

Rails: Sustainably harvested Appalachian hardwoods with a natural wax finish. 

Cushion: 100% natural latex and organic wool batting mattress with a waxed cotton canvas slipcover.

Panels: Powder coated aluminum.

Hardware: Steel metal fasteners.


Slipcover is removable and washable. Rails and panels can be wiped clean.

Avoid placing furniture in direct sunlight, excessive heat or humidity for sustained periods of time.


Assembly Instructions